A safer, faster and more comfortable way to remove tattoos




Zip pay available

Fewer treatments than ordinary laser tattoo removal

Fewer treatments than ordinary laser tattoo removal

Standard laser tattoo removal machines takes 10 to 12 treatments to completely remove your tattoo. Thanks to the effectiveness of the Alma Q machine we use, it only takes us 8 to 10 treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal is safe for your skin

Safe for your skin

While other tattoo laser removal can damage and burn your skin, we use a machine that works by pulsing, which penetrates the skin without damage.

Laser Tattoo Removal is less painful than you think

Less painful than you think

Our tattoo removal process keeps discomfort as minimal as possible. We apply a numbing cream 25 minutes beforehand, and ice the area during the treatment. Afterwards we apply a cooling aloe vera cream to keep you comfortable, and give you aftercare instructions to take home with you.


  • Most people can get laser tattoo removal, however you will need to wait a period of time or see a doctor first if:

    • If you’ve been on Roaccutane (wait six months after you’ve stopped taking it).
    • If you’ve ever had a gold compound for rheumatoid arthritis (you should see your doctor first)
    • If you have SLE (systemic lupus) (see your doctor first)
  • While there is always some pain involved, we do a few things to minimise it, including using numbing cream and icing the area after every ten seconds of treatment. This it about half the pain of a normal laser tattoo removal. It also depends on where your tattoo is – we can discuss this further in your free consultation.

  • This depends on your tattoo. We do treatments six weeks apart as the body’s immune cells take around six weeks to metabolise the tattoo pigment, but it depends on the type of tattoo you have, where on your body it is, and how heavily shaded it is.

    Lightly shaded tattoos might go in one or two sessions, but most tattoos will take between six and eight treatments.

  • Laser tattoo removal starts at $50-$150 per treatment, depending on the size of the tattoo. Paying upfront for your treatments will save you 30%.

    We also have Zip Pay available.

  • Side effects with the laser are fairly minimal, but vary from person to person.

    Occasionally your skin can appear to blister or bruise, when microscopic blood vessels under the skin become permeable and leak.

  • We will give you complete aftercare information after your appointment, however we advise keeping your tattoo from sun exposure for 24 to 48 hours, and keeping it away from water for three days.

  • Absolutely. And because the area is going to be tattooed over, you won’t need as many treatments as a complete tattoo removal.