Kilburn Laser Tattoo Removal

No more unwanted tattoos with Kilburn’s top choice for laser tattoo removal

Getting clearer results fast, even with dark and coloured tattoos.
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At SMP Lasers, we are Kilburn’s number one choice for laser tattoo removal! This not just for our friendly service, but because we can effectively get the job done while protecting your skin!

Having to live with unwanted tattoos isn’t something you have to stand for much longer. We can help you with our professional treatment process to get any kind of tattoos out. Our laser machine is high-powered and works more effectively because of the inbuilt single and double pulse technology. Additionally, with our highly-qualified team of skincare specialists and laser technicians, you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Whether you have coloured or black and white tattoos, SMP Lasers provide effective laser tattoo removal to all Kilburn clients

Safe laser tattoo removal in Kilburn that doesn’t damage your skin

At SMP Laser, we are proud to offer the most advanced laser tattoo removal to Kilburn and surrounding suburbs. It’s all thanks to the science-based treatment and cutting-edge technology from the ALMA-Q laser machine. The ALMA-Q brings a more effective process to tattoo removal by targeting the full spectrum of ink colours found in multi-colour tattoos! See the laser tattoo removal process for yourself on YouTube!

The best part is that these treatments are not as painful as you might think. With our rigorous aftercare and treatment tips, you can be sure your skin will stay protected for years to come.

Our laser tattoo removal process for Kilburn clients

From consultation to aftercare, we protect you each step of the way

For the best laser tattoo removal results in Kilburn, talk to our friendly and experienced team at SMP Lasers. Our proven process involves several steps for the best chance of success:

Prior to treatment

We adapt each laser tattoo removal to the individual, ensuring we consider the location, size, detail and colour of the tattoo. Our technicians ensure you understand the full process and your aftercare responsibilities between each treatment. You leave with an estimate of the number of treatments and cost to achieve the removal.


When you receive your laser tattoo removal treatment, we ensure you receive a minimal amount of pain by prepping the skin with numbing cream. Additionally, we also stop to ice the area after every 10 seconds of treatment. Each colour in your tattoo requires a different laser wavelength to effectively remove it, and we can adjust this with our ALMA-Q machine effectively.


We recommend after your laser treatment with us at SMP Lasers, to avoid sun exposure for maximum results. Always keep the area clean and dry and avoid touching it—as any bacteria on your hands can cause the skin to become infected. As part of your aftercare, our technicians recommend using vitamin E cream to soothe your itches and to help keep the skin supple between each treatment. If you experience severe discomfort, we suggest placing cold ice packs or cool cloth on the area. Do not use these for too long or you might cause an ice

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people can get laser tattoo removal, but there are some cases where you will need to consult your doctor before you book an appointment, including:
  • If you’ve been on Roaccutane (wait six months after you’ve stopped taking it).
  • If you’ve ever had a gold compound for rheumatoid arthritis (you should see your doctor first)
  • If you have SLE (systemic lupus) (see your doctor first)

While there is always some pain involved, we do a few things to minimise it, including using numbing cream and icing the area after every ten seconds of treatment. This it about half the pain of a normal laser tattoo removal. It also depends on where your tattoo is – we can discuss this further in your free consultation.

This depends on your tattoo. We do treatments six weeks apart as the body’s immune cells take around six weeks to metabolise the tattoo pigment, but it depends on the type of tattoo you have, where on your body it is, and how heavily shaded it is.

Lightly shaded tattoos might go in one or two sessions, but most tattoos will take between six and eight treatments.

Absolutely. And because the area is going to be tattooed over, you won’t need as many treatments as a complete tattoo removal.

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At SMP Lasers, our team are passionate and highly qualified when it comes to laser tattoo removal. We ensure you are aware of our process, aftercare and any tips we have to make each session run smoothly. With our advanced technology like the ALMA-Q machine, we can target areas with more pigmentation effectively and safely. Because of this machine, you will need 25% fewer treatments than most other standard laser machines!

If you have questions not answered in our FAQ, get in touch with us today. We service the Kilburn area and surrounds. SMP Lasers look forward to working with you soon!

Laser Tattoo Removal treatment area available to residents of Kilburn and surrounding suburbs.