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If you have tattoos you regret or that have faded with time, you don’t have to keep them! At SMP Lasers, we provide Northgate residents with quality laser tattoo removals. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like a new tattoo in the same place, or just to remove it completely, our team are passionate about looking after your skin and helping you to achieve the results you want.

When you book with SMP Laser we like to make sure you understand what is involved during laser tattoo removal. This is why our team educate you with the correct aftercare recommendations to protect your skin. Our technicians also have tips to maintain your skin’s health between appointments.

A SMP Lasers technician uses laser tattoo removal to safely remove the tattoo from this Northgate client's leg

Effective laser tattoo removal in Northgate that gets results fast

There’s a reason why we provide the most advanced laser tattoo removal in Northgate, and it’s all thanks to our state-of-the-art ALMA-Q machine. This machine is built with a high-powered laser and targets the pigmentation safely while protecting your skin and surrounding tissue.

If you’re worried about those more colourful tattoos, we can remove those kinds of tattoos as well. This machine can target the full spectrum of ink colours, with high laser intensities in nanosecond pulses. Because of the effectiveness of this machine, our clients need fewer appointments to achieve their desired results.

Our laser tattoo removal process for Northgate clients

Protecting your skin and making the removal process easier for you

For the best laser tattoo removal results in Northgate, talk to our friendly and experienced team at SMP Lasers. We ensure that you know how the process works each step of the way, which is why we clearly outline our process for your tattoo removal.

Prior to treatment

We adapt each laser tattoo removal to the individual, ensuring we consider the location, size, detail and colour of the tattoo. Our technicians ensure you understand the full process and your aftercare responsibilities between each treatment. You leave with an estimate of the number of treatments and cost to achieve the removal.


When you receive your laser tattoo removal treatment, we ensure you receive a minimal amount of pain by prepping the skin with numbing cream. Additionally, we also stop to ice the area after every 10 seconds of treatment. Each colour in your tattoo requires a different laser wavelength to effectively remove it, and we can adjust this with our ALMA-Q machine effectively.


We recommend after your laser treatment with us at SMP Lasers, to avoid sun exposure for maximum results. Always keep the area clean and dry and avoid touching it—as any bacteria on your hands can cause the skin to become infected. As part of your aftercare, our technicians recommend using vitamin E cream to soothe your itches and to help keep the skin supple between each treatment. If you experience severe discomfort, we suggest placing cold ice packs or cool cloth on the area. Do not use these for too long or you might cause an ice burn to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people can get laser tattoo removal, but there are some cases where you will need to consult your doctor before you book an appointment, including:
  • If you’ve been on Roaccutane (wait six months after you’ve stopped taking it).
  • If you’ve ever had a gold compound for rheumatoid arthritis (you should see your doctor first)
  • If you have SLE (systemic lupus) (see your doctor first)

While there is always some pain involved, we do a few things to minimise it, including using numbing cream and icing the area after every ten seconds of treatment. This it about half the pain of a normal laser tattoo removal. It also depends on where your tattoo is – we can discuss this further in your free consultation.

This depends on your tattoo. We do treatments six weeks apart as the body’s immune cells take around six weeks to metabolise the tattoo pigment, but it depends on the type of tattoo you have, where on your body it is, and how heavily shaded it is.

Lightly shaded tattoos might go in one or two sessions, but most tattoos will take between six and eight treatments.

Absolutely. And because the area is going to be tattooed over, you won’t need as many treatments as a complete tattoo removal.

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When it comes to your skin, you want to make sure it’s in the hands of someone local to Northgate you can trust. With our qualifications and advanced laser technology, we can safely take care of your tattoo so that it doesn’t seriously damage the tissue around it.

Because of the ALMA-Q machine, we know you’ll have a far less painful experience than most typical laser tattoo removal machines. See the laser tattoo removal process for yourself on YouTube!

If you still have questions about our process, feel free to get in touch with our team today or visit us at the clinic in Payneham.

Safe and effective Laser Tattoo Removal options for Northgate residents.